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Kung Fu Yoga

25 January 2021 ❤ 2
Kung Fu Yoga

Kung Fu Yoga is a Chinese adventure, action, and comedy movie which was made in 2017. This movie was directed and written by Stanley Tong. Kung Fu Yoga movie is one of a kind movie that includes the cast from Bollywood as well. Jackie Chan is the main leading character who played the part of a renowned professor of archaeology who teams up with Disha Patani who played the part of an Indian professor who was known as Ashmita.

This movie is all about finding treasure, full of adventure, and a blend of suspense as well. In this movie famous Indian actor, Sonu Sood played the part of Randall who wanted to steal the treasure, and he somehow manages to escape and left both of them to die. This movie is one of the best movies for family and the comedy is also simple. And I am sure no one would find this movie offensive. 功夫瑜伽是中国人的冒险,动作和喜剧片,于2017年由唐家璇执导并创作,并在此疯狂。功夫瑜伽是其中的一部电影,因为它也包括宝莱坞的演员表。成龙(Jackie Chan)是扮演著名考古学教授一员的主要主角,他与迪莎·帕塔尼(Disha Patani)合作,后者扮演着一位被称为阿什米塔(Ashmita)的印度教授。

这部电影都是关于寻找宝藏,充满冒险和悬念的。在这部电影中,印度著名演员索努·苏德(Sonu Sood)扮演了想偷走宝藏的兰德尔(Randall)的一部分,他以某种方式设法逃脱并使他们俩都死了。这部电影是家庭中最好的电影之一,喜剧也很简单。而且我敢肯定,没人会觉得这部电影令人反感。

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