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Vanguard movie

04 December 2020 ❤ 1
Vanguard movie

Vanguard is a Chinese movie directed by Stanley Tong. It is a Chinese adventure and action movie. The main role is done by the famous and the most talented Chinese actor Jackie Chen
Apart from him there are two other characters that lead.the main roles and they are Yang Yang, Miya Muqi. The movie’s plot revolves around the plot of Chan’s seventh collaboration with tong.the film was meant to be released on January 25,2020 but then due to the Covid pandemic ,the rase got postponed and then it was released on 30 September, 2020. The film was shot in several locations including Middle East, UAE, and Taiwan. One of the most memorable things that happened during the shoot of this movie is that Jackie Chan almost drowned while filming a scene for this movie.  先鋒電影 先鋒電影是由史丹利·唐執導的中國電影。這是一部中國冒險和動作片。主要角色由著名和最有才華的中國演員成龍擔任

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