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Death Note

20 September 2030 ❤ 2
Death Note

Death note is primarily an American movie released in 2017. This move revived an obsolete genre called noir. The noir genre consists of movies and serials based upon the 1940s and 1950’s crimes. So, technically it's a noir- thriller movie. The movie is inspired by a Japanese comic or manga called “Manga of the same same” written by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. The film cast consists of Nat Wolff, Lakeith Stanfield, Margaret Qualley, and Paul Nakauchi. The movie starts with an American high school gir, sho mysteriously finds a supernatural book. The book is possessed and it has the ability to kill anybody whose name is written on it. The film was aired on 25, August 2017in London. However, it has biased reviews. The movie did not gain much popularity and was not a massive hit. However, a sequel is anyhow in process and will be released soon.
死亡筆記主要是一部於2017年發行的美國電影。此舉恢復了一種被稱為noir的過時風格。黑色電影的類型包括根據1940年代和1950年代的犯罪電影和連續劇。 因此,從技術上講,這是一部驚悚片。這部電影的靈感來自大久保三(Tsugumi Ohba)和小ata武史(Takeshi Obata)創作的日本漫畫或漫畫“相同的漫畫”。 影片演員包括納特·沃爾夫(Nat Wolff),萊西斯·斯坦菲爾德(Lakeith Stanfield),瑪格麗特·奎利(Margaret Qualley)和保羅·納科奇(Paul Nakauchi)。電影以美國高中生開始,神秘地發現一本超自然的書。這本書擁有,它有能力殺死任何寫有名字的人。 這部電影於2017年8月25日在倫敦播出。但是,它對評論有偏見。這部電影並沒有獲得太多的歡迎,也沒有大受歡迎。但是,續集仍在進行中,將很快發布。

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