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Extraction Movie

15 January 2021 ❤ 0
Extraction Movie

Extraction is a English movie that is produced by Sam Hargrave who is an American stuntman in marvel cinematic universe. Before his movie he was only considered to be a stuntman, but after his movie extraction he could not be termed anymore as a stunt man because extraction is his first movie debut, and this movie went hit as well.
Extraction Movie is fully based upon action, thriller, and suspense. Chris Hemsworth is the main character in this movie who was and ex officer, who had left his job, but still after resigning from his job he was still the strongest man. In this movie Indian drug lords’ son went missing and was kidnapped by the Bangladesh drug lord because of their dispute. And in the whole movie you can see Chris Hemsworth rescuing the Indian drug lords’ son, and how he saves his life.     摘录是由美国电影特技演员萨姆·哈格雷夫(Sam Hargrave)制作的一部英文电影,他是电影世界的奇迹。在他上映电影之前,他仅被视为特技演员,但是在他上映电影之后,他就不再被称为特技演员,因为上演他的第一部电影是首次登台,这部电影也很受欢迎。
提取电影完全基于动作,惊悚片和悬念。克里斯·海姆斯沃思(Chris Hemsworth)是这部电影的原主人公和前任官员,已辞去工作,但在辞职后仍然是最坚强的人。在这部电影中,印度毒drug的儿子失踪了,由于他们的纠纷被孟加拉国毒l绑架。在整部电影中,您都可以看到克里斯·海姆斯沃思(Chris Hemsworth)拯救了印度毒drug的儿子,以及他如何拯救生命。

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