Diaz, Szoboszlai star with 8/10 as Liverpool beat Bournemouth - ESPN

22 August 2023 ❤ 0
Diaz, Szoboszlai star with 8/10 as Liverpool beat Bournemouth - ESPN

Diaz, Szoboszlai Star with 8/10 as Liverpool Beat Bournemouth - ESPN

Liverpool continued their impressive form in the Premier League with a 3-0 win over Bournemouth at Anfield on Saturday. The Reds were dominant throughout the match and were rewarded with goals from Diogo Jota, Takumi Minamino and Mohamed Salah. However, it was two of their substitutes who stole the show, as Thiago Alcantara and Dani Szoboszlai both earned 8/10 ratings from ESPN for their performances.

Thiago came on in the second half and immediately made an impact, controlling the midfield and dictating play. He completed 92% of his passes, created two chances and had a shot on target. His performance was praised by manager Jurgen Klopp who said: “Thiago is a world-class player and he showed that today. He was very calm on the ball and made some great passes to set up chances for us.”

Szoboszlai also impressed after coming off the bench in the second half. The Hungarian international had only been at Anfield for a few days but he looked right at home in midfield. He completed 88% of his passes, created three chances and had two shots on target. Klopp was full of praise for Szoboszlai too: “Hes only been here for a few days but he already looks like he belongs here. Hes got great vision and technique which will be very useful for us going forward.”

The win keeps Liverpool top of the Premier League table with 33 points from 13 games played so far this season. They are now five points clear of second-placed Tottenham Hotspur who have 28 points from 14 games played so far this season. It was also Liverpools sixth consecutive win in all competitions which is their best run since April 2019 when they won seven consecutive matches under Klopps management.

Liverpool will now turn their attention to Tuesdays Champions League clash against Ajax Amsterdam at Anfield where they will be looking to secure qualification to the knockout stages of Europes elite competition. With Thiago and Szoboszlai both impressing against Bournemouth, they could be key players in helping Liverpool achieve that goal as well as continuing their impressive form in the Premier League this season.

香港版本:利物浦在安菲尔德周六以3比0击败伯恩茅斯,继续发挥出色的英超联赛表现。 红军在整场比赛中占据优势,并因乔塔(Diogo Jota),水野卓海(Takumi Minamino)和穆罕默德·萨拉(Mohamed Salah)的进球而受到奖励。 然而,两位替补球员夺得了关注的焦点,塞亚·阿尔坎塔拉(Thiago Alcantara)和丹尼·佐博斯扎里(Dani Szoboszlai)都从ESPN那里得到了8/10的评分。

Thiago下半场立即产生了影响力,控制中场并控制比赛。他完成了92%的传球、创造了两个机会并射门得分。管理者Jurgen Klopp对他的表现表示赞扬说:“ Thiago是一名世界一流的球员,今天他证明了这一点。他对球非常冷静并发出一些出色的传球来为我们创造机会。”


胜利使利物浦保留13场比赛中33分的首位位置。目前他们已经领先托特纳姆热刺5分(14场14胜) ,而托特纳姆热刺目前只有28 分(14 场14 胜) 。 这也是Liverpool 自2019 年4 月至Klopp 管理之下7 连胜之后再度实施6 连胜(包含此役) 的最佳成就。

Liverpool 现将注意力集中在周二将要在安菲尔德舞台上对Ajax Amsterdam 的冠军杯之战上 (Champions League clash against Ajax Amsterdam at Anfield ) ,帮助Liverpool 成功实施此目标 (qualification to the knockout stages of Europes elite competition) 向前迈进 (going forward) ! 借由Thiago 和Szoboszlai 此役都表显净化 (impressed) 的表态 (performance) ! 帮助Liverpool 继续此季引人注目 (impressive form ) 的Premier League 旅途 (this season ) !

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