Yu Lan Festival in the seventh month of the lunar calendar|Ghost month is "hot" at the beginning of the ghost month, and Sheung Shui soars to 36.1 degrees. It will be cloudy tonight

25 August 2023 ❤ 2
Yu Lan Festival in the seventh month of the lunar calendar|Ghost month is

Yu Lan Festival in the seventh month of the lunar calendar is a traditional Chinese festival celebrated by Chinese people all over the world. It is also known as Ghost Month or Zhongyuan Festival. During this month, people pay respect to their ancestors and offer sacrifices to them.

At the beginning of the ghost month, Hong Kong is usually hot and humid. This year, Sheung Shui recorded a temperature of 36.1 degrees Celsius on July 1st, which is unusually high for this time of year. The hot weather has caused many people to stay indoors and avoid outdoor activities.

The Yu Lan Festival is an important event for many Chinese families in Hong Kong. On this day, families gather together to remember their ancestors and offer sacrifices such as food, incense and paper money to them. People also burn joss paper and set off firecrackers to ward off evil spirits. In addition, some families will visit their ancestral gravesites to pay respects and clean up the area around them.

At night, it will be cloudy with temperatures dropping slightly due to the humidity in the air. People are advised to take precautions against heatstroke by drinking plenty of water and avoiding strenuous activities during this period of time.





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