Zodiac Signs

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Zodiac Signs

  There are a total of twelve zodiac signs for each star and each of them is unique having different qualities, traits, desires, likes and dislikes, and aptitudes. By analyzing the positions of sun, moon, and respective zodiac sign planets at the birth time we can analyze all the former qualities.  Astrology helps us to explore these zodiac signs at a deeper level and to depict a person's personality, his preferences, and his comfort zone, etc.  It's easy to find out what your zodiac sign is, who you are compatible with, what are your traits, and what are your cons.  Every zodiac sign surrenders itself to the basic four elements which are air, fire, water, and earth. Each element cast a certain kind of energy on each zodiac sign. Astrology aids us to get a deeper understanding of a person's potential and the possible positive outcomes.  The twelve zodiac signs are: Aquarius 
---- 每顆恆星共有十二個十二生肖,每一個都是獨特的,具有不同的品質,特質,慾望,好惡,以及天資。通過分析出生時太陽,月亮和各個十二生肖行星的位置,我們可以分析所有以前的質量。 占星術有助於我們更深入地探索這些星座,並描繪一個人的性格,喜好和舒適區域等。 很容易找出您的十二生肖是什麼,與誰兼容,有哪些特質,以及哪些弊端。 每個星座都屈服於空氣,火,水和地球這四個基本要素。每個元素在每個星座上都具有某種能量。占星術有助於我們更深入地了解一個人的潛力和可能取得的積極成果。 十二生肖是: 水瓶座

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