How to teach a kid kindness?

15 October 2020 ❤ 1
How to teach a kid kindness?

Most of the parents focus only on the intellectual skills of their children but they forget to shape up the important aspects of their personality and assume that they will learn these on their own. One of these traits is empathy and kindness.  Most people believe that children will eventually learn these things but as you have to teach your children stuff like science and maths, the same goes for personality development. Remember, emotional development won’t come to your child on their own. Most of the children start to feel this high when they are bullying someone and it is very important to teach them how they will feel if they will put themselves in their shoes. Remember parenting starts at home and this is your responsibility to teach your child how to be kind, and to do this the most effective thing is to be kind to them and teach them to do the same.  Here are some tips to teach your kid kindness: Show kind behavior
Make them realize the importance of other people’s emotions and valuing them.
Do not demean or taunt your child while arguing
Teach them the effects their actions cast upon someone
Make them realize of happiness you gain by helping others. --- 大多數父母只專注於孩子的智力技能,但他們忘記塑造自己性格的重要方面,並認為自己會自己學習。這些特質之一是同理心和善良。 大多數人認為孩子們最終會學到這些東西,但是由於必須教給孩子科學和數學等知識,因此人格發展也同樣如此。請記住,情緒發展不會獨自影響您的孩子。 大多數孩子在欺負某人時開始感到如此高漲,非常重要的一點是要教給他們,如果他們穿上鞋子會感覺如何。 請記住,養育子女是從家開始的,這是您的責任,要教孩子如何友善,做到這一點最有效的辦法就是對他們友善並教他們做同樣的事情。 以下是一些教孩子友善的提示: 顯示善意行為

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