Jack Ma

11 December 2020 ❤ 1
Jack Ma

Jack Ma is the professional name of Ma Yun. He was born on 10 September 1964. Majorly known as the famous Chinese entrepreneur, and the head of the group Alibaba. His website the majorly deals with business to business niche and that is the business through which he earned the most. Through his site, he provided the businessman all around the globe a global marketplace where they can deal and can make transactions. In addition to this, he also operates another website under the name of From his young age, he was interested in the English language and identified the gap China was facing in terms of website technology and hence he filled that market gap and became a billionaire. 
馬雲 馬雲是馬雲的專業名稱。他於1964年9月10日出生。他主要是著名的中國企業家,也是阿里巴巴集團的負責人。他的網站Alibaba.com主要處理企業對企業的利基市場,而這正是他賺錢最多的企業。通過他的網站,他為全球各地的商人提供了一個可以交易並可以進行交易的全球市場。除此之外,他還經營另一個以Taobao.com命名的網站。他從小就對英語感興趣,並發現了中國在網站技術方面所面臨的空白,因此他填補了這一空白,並成為了億萬富翁。

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