Patrick Star

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Patrick Star

Every nick lover is aware of the Patrick star. As we all love the SpongeBob square pants,  Patrick star is a comic or cartoon character in this cartoon series. It is pink in color and is star-shaped. As the plot of this cartoon series is underwater therefore it depicts the starfish. Spongebob Square pants is an American TV cartoon series and the character Patrick Star was created by an animator who is also a marine biologist called Stephen Hillenburg. The actor Bill Faggerbakke voiced this character for the series.
Patrick star is a lazy, fat, and cheesy starfish. It is overweight and lives beneath a rock in the city of bikini bottom which is situated next to Squidward Tentacles Moai. The most distinguishing habit of this character is the lack of common sense. This habit sometimes proves very beneficial for him and his buddy Spongebob.  帕特里克·斯塔 每個尼克勞伯都知道帕特里剋星。因為我們都喜歡海綿方褲子,所以patrick star是這個卡通系列中的漫畫或卡通人物。它是粉紅色的並且是星形的。由於該卡通系列的情節在水下,因此它描繪了海星。 Spongebob Square褲子是美國電視動畫片,其角色帕特里克·斯塔(Patrick Star)是由動畫師創建的,該動畫師也是海洋生物學家史蒂芬·希倫堡(Stephen Hilennburg)。演員比爾·法格巴克(Bill Faggerbakke)為該劇集表達了這一角色。
帕特里剋星(Patrick star)是一種懶惰,肥胖且俗氣的海星。它超重,生活在靠近Squidwards Tentacles Moai的比基尼泳褲城的一塊岩石下。這個角色最明顯的習慣是缺乏常識。有時候,這種習慣對他和他的好友海綿寶寶非常有益。

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