Why do teens deceive oneself?

22 November 2020 ❤ 1
Why do teens deceive oneself?

Lying is a natural human instinct and behavior. But growing human beings or teens do this more often than adults. According to the research of Nancy Darling, 96% of children lie or deceive their parents. The Josephson Institute surveyed almost 20,00 schools in America to research the character of the young Americans They specifically focused on their habits of cheating, deceiving, and lying. According to the results of this research, teenagers argued that honesty and truthfulness are the essences of any relationship. So why do they lie? Here are some reasons why do teens deceive:

If the are scared when they are in trouble
When they are not allowed to do what they want and want to explore that thing.
When they think their parents are not understanding them or their rules are illogical.
Most importantly when they want their space and they are not getting it.


說謊是人類的自然本能和行為。但是,成年人或青少年比成年人更經常這樣做。根據南希·達令(Nancy Darling)的研究,有96%的孩子說謊或欺騙父母。約瑟夫森研究所(Josephson Institute)對美國近20,000所學校進行了調查,以研究年輕美國人的性格。他們特別關注自己的作弊,欺騙和說謊習慣。根據這項研究的結果,teenaers認為誠實和誠實是任何關係的本質,那麼為什麼他們說謊呢?以下是青少年欺騙的一些原因:



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