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Chinese Skincare Brands

19 October 2020 ❤ 1
Chinese Skincare Brands

If you are searching for skincare brands, then here is a list of brands in China that offer the best skincare products.
•    Pechin. Pechoin has come a long way since it was founded in 1931 here in Shanghai.
•    Kans. Founded in Shanghai in 2002, Kans is one of the newest players on the C-beauty scene but it has already grown to become one of the top ten brands in China's online cosmetics market. 
•    Herborist. 
•    Inoherb. 
•    WEI Beauty. 
•    Cha Ling 中國護膚品牌
•Pechoin。 Pechoin自1931年在上海成立以來,已經走了很長一段路。
•Kans。 Kans於2002年在上海成立,是C-beauty領域的最新參與者之一,但已經成長為中國在線化妝品市場十大品牌之一。

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