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Foods that make your Skin Glow

05 October 2020 ❤ 1
Foods that make your Skin Glow

With increased pollution levels and high usage of chemicals on our skin, our skin is suffering so much. So, what can we do? What you'll eat your skin will reflect it. So always eat wisely below are the foods that will make your skin glowy and fresh.  Lemon: Sipping warm water with squeezed lemon on an empty stomach kills toxic chemicals in your gut. It also provides Vitamin C and Vitamin B which are great for the skin. 
Kale: kale must rule all the greens at the same time it provides great beauty benefits as well. It contains Vitamin C, A, and K which is essential for repairing damaged skin tissues, prevents damage from the sun, and also helps your skin to look fresh. 
Orange: Orange is not just yummy it is more than a fruit. The orange peel. Orange peel is loaded with Vitamin C more than that is present in the pulp. So, using it in face packs as peel powder will make your skin radiant.

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