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Apple’s Ten-year anniversary memorial to founder Steve Jobs!

05 October 2021 ❤ 1
Apple’s Ten-year anniversary memorial to founder Steve Jobs!

Ten years have passed since the death of one of the worlds most amazing and revolutionary people; Steve Jobs. He is the founder and creator of Apple, which is now one of the worlds largest technology companies, and it is love all around the world.

Steve was known as a hard-working man, which is clearly seen in his pursuit to change technology as we know it and as we then knew it, but he was also known to be a kind and charming man. 

As a way of commemorating him, this year Apple have done a number of this. They released the purple iPhone, this colour was known to be Steve Jobs favourite colour, so it is only right they use it to commemorate him. On top of this, they’ve released a video in his honour. 

Steve was a key person in the Apple 1-1976, Apple 2-1977, Lisa-1983, Pixar software-1986, Imac-1998 and so on and so forth.

This man has done amazing things to revolutionise our world and for that we commemorate him.

By I. Bey 世界上最令人惊叹和最革命的人之一去世已经十年了;史蒂夫乔布斯。他是苹果公司的创始人和创造者,苹果公司现在是世界上最大的科技公司之一,它是全世界的爱。 史蒂夫被认为是一个勤奋的人,这清楚地体现在他对改变我们所知道和当时所知道的技术的追求中,但他也被认为是一个善良而迷人的人。 为了纪念他,今年苹果公司做了很多这样的事情。他们发布了紫色的 iPhone,这种颜色被认为是史蒂夫乔布斯最喜欢的颜色,所以他们用它来纪念他是正确的。除此之外,他们还发布了一段纪念他的视频。 史蒂夫是 Apple 1-1976、Apple 2-1977、Lisa-1983、Pixar software-1986、Imac-1998 等等的关键人物。 这个人做了惊人的事情来彻底改变我们的世界,为此我们纪念他。 由 I. Bey

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