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LINE has crashed but was fixed after 50 minutes

12 April 2021 ❤ 3
LINE has crashed but was fixed after 50 minutes

Today the Central News Agency in Taipei has announced that the communication software LINE stopped working at 2:10 pm due to an abnormality in the network connection. Due to this abnormality, the accounts were not normal and had many glitches. 

The issue was fixed only 50 minutes later at 3 pm, LINE released a statement saying that is any information during the 50 minute period was invalid they are sorry, this abnormality caused many inconveniences to users. 

Some users had found that any photos, or messages that were sent out at 2 were not received, similarity if they attempted to call anyone, the call would go through. Due to this people sent in complaints and asked questions and by 3 pm they reported it was all back to normal. 

Some people even found that although the messages sent, when they checked again they had disappeared, hence they had to resend them. 

By I. Bey  今天,台北中央新闻社宣布,由于网络连接异常,通讯软件LINE在下午2:10停止工作。由于这种异常,帐目不正常并且有许多小故障。 仅在50分钟后的下午3点解决了该问题,LINE发表声明说,这50分钟内的任何信息均对不起,对此我们感到抱歉,这种异常给用户带来了许多不便。 一些用户发现未收到任何照片或在2点发送的消息,如果他们试图给任何人打电话,相似性将通过电话进行。由于这个原因,人们发出了投诉并提出了问题,到下午3点,他们报告一切都恢复了正常。 甚至有人发现,尽管发送了消息,但再次检查时消息消失了,因此必须重新发送。 由I.Bey

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