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Difference between acid and alkali.

25 November 2020 ❤ 2
Difference between acid and alkali.

Most of the students get confused in understanding the basic difference between an acid and an alkali. So, those who are in search of this should look at these points below;
Acids have a pH level of less than 7.
While on the other hand alkali is a base and has a pH greater than 7.
Acids contain hydrogen ions
Alkalis too have hydroxide ions
The symbol for acid is H+
The symbol for alkali is -OH
Alkali metals are the elements of group 1 in the periodic table
Alkaline metals belong to group 2 of the periodic table. --- 大多數學生對理解酸和鹼之間的基本區別感到困惑。因此,正在尋找這些的人應該看看下面的這些要點;
酸的符號是H +
鹼金屬屬於元素週期表的第2組。   https://winspiremagazine.com/alkali-vs-alkaline-winspire-magazine/

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