China technological innovation

30 November 2020 ❤ 1
China technological innovation

We all know that China is the global market leader today as its currency has competitive worth and it is also the world’s top exporter. So China poses a great risk for other developed countries like America and Japan, soon they will be behind in this race. One of the great reasons why China has been the best at everything is technological advancement. As we know that the 4th revolution is on its way with a bombardment of sophisticated AI, big data, IoT (Internet of Things), quantum electronics, nanotechnology, 5g, and much much more. So the issue is that China is marvelously excelling at these technological areas. China has proved that it is no less than the tycoon America and can lead both globally and nationally. Think tanks suggest that Japan and America should collaborate to give China a tough time if America wants to maintain its top-notch image. 中國技術創新 我們都知道,中國是當今全球市場的領導者,因為它的貨幣具有競爭力的價值,而且還是世界上最大的出口國。因此,中國對美國和日本等其他發達國家構成巨大風險,很快他們將在這場競賽中落後。中國之所以能做到最好的一個重要原因就是技術的進步。我們知道,第四次革命即將來臨,這是對複雜的AI,大數據,IOT(物聯網),量子電子,納米技術,5g以及更多技術的轟炸。因此,問題在於中國在這些技術領域表現出色。中國證明,它不亞於美國大亨,可以在全球和全國范圍內保持領先。智囊團建議,如果美國想保持其一流的形象,日美應該合作給中國一個艱難的時期。

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