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Chinese game shows

18 November 2020 ❤ 1
Chinese game shows

No matter what if you have seen the Chinese media or not you are going to fall in love with their FV shows and serials. Following are the genres in which Chinese media television produces : Wuxia: These shows relate to Chinese fiction and materialistic heroes and involve their adventures to achieve excellence. 
Xianxia: it is a very unique Chinese Genre that includes Chinese myths and depicts the Chinese culture and religion truly. Such shows are characterized by Taoism, Buddhism, and martial arts.
Following are the best Chinese T. V shows that are a must-watch from Chinese media: The secret of the three kingdoms
The King's woman
The Endless love
Lost in 1949
Legend of Fuyao
Here to heart
Bloody romance
A love so beautiful 
Love till the end of the summer
The rise of phoenixes
Nirvana in fire
Ashes of love
Love me if you dare
Love O20 中文遊戲節目 無論您是否看過中文媒體,您都將愛上他們的FV節目和連續劇。以下是中國媒體電視製作的類型: 武俠:這些節目與中國小說家和唯物主義英雄有關,並涉及他們的冒險以取得卓越成就。
以下是中國媒體必看的最佳中文電視節目: 三個王國的秘密

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