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Tourism is a great part of any country's economy and double-decker buses play a vital role in promoting tourism and sight-seeing.

In the developed countries particularly the double-decker buses are one of the major resources to promote tourism and it aids the tourists in sight-seeing. 

However, recently the increase in bus accidents has put a question mark regarding the safety of double-decker buses.

Though the double-decker buses usually drive at a very low speed in the whole city and are mainly used for sightseeing, however, the accidents by these buses result in serious and fatal injuries.

Double-decker buses need a lot of care, and they should only be driven by well trained and well-experienced drivers only to prevent accidents. However, there are certain gaps in various countries regarding the laws of double-decker buses and tourist buses. 

The drivers of these buses usually do not undergo regular medical checkups and for the maintenance of these double-deckers buses as well. So, altogether these factors contribute towards the accidents of double-decker buses if the country laws are able to fill these loopholes then the double-decker buses can be used for better tourism.








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