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Chines Art

28 January 2021 ❤ 0
Chines Art

The Chinese culture is full of interesting art, culture, stories and very unique traditions. According to the researcher’s Chinese tradition are almost more than five thousand years old. They have variety of norms, rules regulations, beliefs, customs and traditions that make them different form others. Chines Art plays a vital roles when it comes in the importance of the culture, it was a way to express feelings, emotions, moods and needs.

They also have been displaying many type of painting, wearing, expressing, and exploring styles as well to express who they truly are and who they really believe in.
Chines Art began in the early Stone Age. Throughout the years Chinese have been practicing the same art as it was ages ago, their art has evolved in their way of dressing, wall paintings, weavings, ceramics, silk paintings and a technique known as origami.




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